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JQuery dRawr

dRawr is a JQuery plugin that can transform any canvas component (with a container) into a drawing area. It's developed for iOS, Android, and most desktop browsers.
The only requirement at the moment is material design icons.

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Example 1 destroy clear initialize
	//Code for Example 1


	<div style="width:350px;height:300px;border:2px dotted gray;margin:20px;">
		<canvas id="canvas1"></canvas>
	//Turn a canvas element into a sketch area
		"enable_tranparency" : false,
	    "canvas_width" : 1200,
	    "canvas_height" : 1200

	//Enable drawing mode, show controls

	function destroy(){

	function clear(){

More examples included in the package from github.
I hope you find this plugin useful somehow! Try a fullscreen drawing session!
This project is maintained by Lieuwe Prins